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2008 Macworld
by Tironius, created Monday, January 14, 2008, with permalink

100% foolproof predictions to 2008 Macworld keynote, sure to impress, mesmerize, impregnate

With the introductory phase of iPhone over, 2008 marks a new time for iFun for the iPhone & Apple TV

In March of 2007, before the release of iPhone but after the introductory keynote, I predicted a few things that I think now will materialize at this Macworld. I stated that I believe that Apple is using WiFi as the secret sauce to a micro-ecosystem involving Apple TV and iPhone, where movies for the iPhone would be stored on Apple TV’s 50-hour hard drive, accessible to the phone through WiFi. My basis for asserting this is a never-mentioned off-handed remark Steve Jobs made at that first 2007 keynote. I am the only one to pick up on it, and made a video.

Steve Jobs’ remark can be heard exactly 14 minutes-in, in the original Macworld 2007 keynote video on Apple’s site.

In the video, Steve Jobs talking about the Apple TV—introduced in the keynote before the iPhone—says the following: “It’s got a forty-gigabyte hard drive inside it, so it will store up to fifty hours of video, which comes in handy for something I’m about to show you.” Steve jobs that Apple TV’s hard drive is handy for the iPhone. But why? Why, indeed, or rather, Wi-Fi.

Pic: Apple teases us on its website: ‘There’s something in the air.’somethingintheair_20080110

I made some predictions last March which I think are still valid and in play, because Apple goes forward regarding iPhone at a snail’s pace. Two thousand seven was all about introducing a revolutionary product. In the design space, there is a principle of which we must be aware, that people will reject anything too innovative [11. Conversely, they will reject anything too familiar as not being innovative enough] So, I understand Apple’s throwing iPhone into the pool and allowing people to get accustomed to it. But now, it’s a new year with new fun. Apple is now set to release new products—or redesigned old products—to take advantage of the iPhone, and this is what I think:


Original article:
“Something about Steve Jobs’ keynote that I missed the first time”

  1. I hereby predict that Apple’s new iPhone will at least speak to, if not be able to completely control, Apple TV, making Apple TV one of iPhone’s storage solutions.

  2. I predict Apple will tout a new media server solution that involves these components: Airport Extreme with the new 802.11n capabilities, connected hard drive, & Leopard; the Airport Wi-Fi base station with its connected large-capacity hard drive will provide Apple TV and any computer on the network with a central repository for all media files (not to mention back up capabilities inherent to Leopard). The speed of the new draft N makes this happen.

  3. Moreover, Apple will announce its own branded external hard drive with the same form factor as both the Airport and Apple TV, making it the perfect companion for either. For Airport, a connected hard drive provides the perfect place for Leopard’s new built-in back up functions called “Time Machine”; for Apple TV, obviously, it will provide a boost in storage to house all those iTunes movie purchases. iPhone (and its touchscreen iPod brother) will connect to the hard drive no matter which it’s connected to.


  4. Apple will unveil its fabled Movie download service, allowing both Apple TV and iPhone to access those movies directly through the air.

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