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by Tironius, created Sunday, July 22, 2007, with permalink

Peer-to-peer users share candid shots

Enjoy candid photography and documents from the hard drives of others through Gnutella

It’s interesting what people put on the peer-to-peer networks and not realize. See, when installing certain Gnutella-network peer-to-peer applications such as Limewire or Bearshare, the user is given options to make certain folders shared. 1. But I have no way of knowing; I can only assume that they fully know and comprehend their actions in publishing their pictures and documents to the network. I imagine that certain common folders such as “My Documents” are shared by hapless idiots, not knowing that they are publishing their lives to the world [1]. DSC00610Thusly, files like Word documents, pictures, useless .dll files, and countless more are available for others to download.

My Gnutella client of choice is Acquisition for the Mac. Unlike Limewire, it’s Mac-like interface is not based on Java, so it’s quicker and less quirky, and makes for finding hentai manga fun and easy.

Their unwitting exhibitionism provides for wonderfully creepy adventures. For the more voyeuristic of our readers, much fun can be had by peaking into the lives of others by seeing their private photographs and documents. All it takes for such ethically-dubious behavior is to know what to type into your search field.

For instance, type in the word resume (i.e. résumé), and find what people don’t know they have included in their shared folders: their entire life’s history. I was able to get some résumé-writing tips simply by reading a real-world example. It’s amazing how many people use Word templates.

But résumés are somewhat boring; what else can one find?

The real fun: Pictures

Type in the letters “DSC,” a common naming-scheme for several cameras, and eureka!, a wonderful cornucopia of breached privacy.

Picture 2

Random pictures include:


The real fun can come after, because applications like Acquisition and Limewire allow a person to browse through all files made available on that person’s hard drive. So if the first picture of ugly dog isn’t enough, you can see the other pictures on the roll.


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