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Flipping out
by Tironius, created Saturday, May 26, 2007, with permalink

Derren Brown taps the king of ambigrams for the secret to his show ‘Trick or Treat’

Up is down, black is white with the master of psychological illusion

Watching my boy Derren Brown got ambigrams in my noggin. The topic arose in conversation with internationally renowned calligrapher Claude Dieterich A. and I, and Claude turned my attention to the top man in the field, John Langdon. I visit the man’s website and, lo and behold, there’s D.B. all up in my grill (er, on the front page) with his Trick or Treat cards, designed by John Langdon.


Derren's book,
Tricks of the Mind,
is a fantastic look at skepticism, agnosticism, and memory recall. It teaches all the ways people scam other people.

An ambigram is a word or letterform that, when flipped or reversed, reads the same (or a new) word.

Derren offers contestants on his magical/mentalism U.K. telly programme the choice of two cards that say either “Trick” or “Treat” as the basis for their either good or bad fate. Unbeknownst to the contestant is that the decision is arbitrary as the card will say whatever Derren want’s it to say.

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