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Virtual Console Awesomeness
by Mr. Patch, created Tuesday, April 03, 2007, with permalink

Yesterday I downloaded "Dragon's Curse" through the Wii Shop channel (check the list of VC games on tap- VC Games), a game from the Wonderboy series and an off-shoot of the Adventure Island franchise. If you're not familiar with the Wonderboy games I encourage you to check out the Wiki entry for brief synopsis.

Similar to the Bonk and AI games, Dragon's Curse features very simplified levels and overly floaty controls. If you're a fan of Super Mario Bros. then you may be taken aback by the imprecise movements and "slidiness" of the main character.

But what the game lacks in pizazz it makes up for in charm. Your character can use coins to buy armor, weapons and health, which makes early levels progressively easier. I absolutely love this aspect of the game because it encourages players to revisit levels and earn money.

I have around nine VC games thus far and Dragon's Curse definitely ranks up there with the best of them (Sim City, Castlevania IV, Tecmo Bowl). I'm waiting for Uwe Boll to make a film version of this game.