The Holy Order Of The Asian Pussy Pounders
Watch girl have orgasm in hypnosis
by Tironius, created Saturday, February 24, 2007, with permalink

Mr. 19 and I have a new interest in the power of hypnotism, or neuro-linguistic programming, having seen Derren Brown achieve free money using hidden commands. He is an expert at psychology, misdirection, hypnotism and showmanship.

This is not Mr. Brown, but watch this Japanese girl writhe in ecstasy from the hand of another woman while in hypnosis. It starts with just a hand shake, creating intense pleasure in the subject's pussy. She then has multiple orgasms by simply watching another girl eat a donut. I can only imagine the hypnotist convinced her that the donut was her sweet labia.

Watch her hips twitch and flutter when the other girl eats the donut. It's really hot.