The Holy Order Of The Asian Pussy Pounders
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by Tironius, created Monday, February 19, 2007, with permalink

YouTube keyword: Derren Brown

So, psyche pounders, I have discovered an amazing man famous in England. Magician, showman, mentalist, his work is absolutely amazing. Also, intriguing, because he, in no way, claims the things he does as real. He is telling you these are simply tricks of the eye and mind. The mind tricks, using NLP and suggestion, are absolutely the most interesting aspects of his performances. And in many of the videos, he tells you exactly how he does it.

In this, he converts the entire belief system of a group of people, from atheism to "spirituality." (He converts them back, later).

In lighter scenarios, he hypnotizes a group of mall patrons to, at the same time, lift their arms. In yet another, he simply asks a stranger for his house keys and wallet on the street and gets them, having been handed to him willingly. Search Derren Brown in YouTube, gents, and watch them all. I'm thinking of buying his book where he tells some of his tricks.

At the dog track, he instantly controlled the mind of the cashier, giving him money on a losing ticket:

My favorite is this one involving subliminal messages. Astounding:

Pounders, I declare all his videos on YouTube as required text for your future lives of getting whatever the fuck you want, including instantly obtaining Asian pussy, readily available like coke out of a vending machine.