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Even More Classic Gaming for Wii
by Mr. Patch, created Friday, February 23, 2007, with permalink

Nintendo recently added a few new additions to the Virtual Console service according to their website. In case you've been reading too much Apple news as of late, the VC service lets Wii owners download games to their harddrive for instant nostalgic gratification. Two new systems, NEO GEO and MSX, will begin offering games in the coming weeks. If you're not familiar with these two systems then I encourage to go the only place that matters- NEO GEO Wiki Page and MSX Wiki page.

For the uninitiated the NEO GEO offered some of the best arcade games throughout the 1990s including such classics as Metal Slug and Samurai Spirits (Shodown). As for the MSX, maybe you've heard of a little series called Metal Gear and a lesser known gem called SD Snatcher. Needless to say my dick ripped out of my pants at the sight of this news. Furious dick-ripping action confirmed! This is good news considering the NEO GEO was about $600 back in the day with the games reaching upwards of $200 each (I actually tried to save enough money to buy a NG system back in the day but it was a futile attempt). Fellow pounders, I implore you to check out the NOJ website to see all the systems currently available- NOJ Homepage.