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Bait 'n' Switch - Try it Yourself!
by Chris Maupin, created Sunday, February 25, 2007, with permalink

I reveal a play from my play book.

Learn one of the secrets to getting laid

This one is not my original invention though (none of them are) it has history going back to the dawn of language and perhaps even further. It is devilishly simple and yields wonderful results. It has failed to work only once, and only then because circumstances surrounding this woman (see my later post “played by a master”) were just too daunting.

Suddenly, and without warning, you disappear for a day or two. …Make plans and break them. Frustrate her and confuse her.

Consider the following example. In 2002, back home, a new radio station appeared on the air. It was all music- all the good music you never heard on the radio — and get this — NO COMMERCIALS! I mean, it was like God himself had opened an FM station. No top-40, just a constant flow of unique songs with no commercials. It wasn’t long before I (and everyone else) were switching to this station and enjoying the lavish seemingly free music. That went on for weeks, then one day, the game had changed. Some of the music was still there, but now there were commercials everywhere! And the top-40 were on the endless cycle. We had been hoodwinked- yet still we held out hope. We kept tuning in, thinking our original impression would somehow return (it never did.) We kept it on our radios even though we knew it would never be the same. The bait and swith had been pulled. We now associated KSHIT with good music even though that was not the case anymore. We were hooked.

This works with women too (and for girls, it works REALLY well on guys!) Here is how to execute it, step my step.

1. Pick your mark.

Find the woman you want to dedicate the time and energy to conquer. She needs to not be the alpha-female. Find someone who isn’t used to being showered with attention- maybe even a girl who needs that.

2. The Sudden Infatuation.

Suddenly, you are struck with a heart-felt, deep infatuation for this woman. You daydream about her like some sap from the movies. You always say her name. Here is the key: ONLY talk about it to her friends. Be totally funny and light-hearted about it. Be candid and say things like this: “Man, she is just so cute- I have to marry her!” or “When is my sweetheart coming back?” and laugh with them. It is crucial that you saturate her friends, and that you charm them with the ambiguity of it being a joke / playful.

3. The “Confession.”

After you have charmed her friends with your ‘love’ for her and your ‘hopeless crush,’ you move on to her. Remember this is all a “joke.” When she comes by and you are with her friends, you play the part (dramatically and humorously) of the fool in love. The goofier the better. The key is to make this a habit and a routine and to do it many times. Make sure she thinks it is cute and funny.

4. A Joke…Or Is It?

You keep teasing her about liking her and being helplessly in love. Sooner or later, she will begin to wonder if you aren’t serious. Now the hook is in. When she or her friends question your sincerity always be ambiguous. Say “yeah, I really do like her so much,” and then make a joke- so you keep it 50/50

5. The Switch.

Credit here goes to the Great Madame Renee Lenclose of 18th Century France. Suddenly, and without warning, you disappear for a day or two. Don’t be in places you would normally be. Don’t run into her. Fail to appear with her friends. Make plans and break them. Frustrate her and confuse her.

6. The Heartfelt Talk.

Now you reappear. Have your heartfelt talk with her and disclose to her that you really do like her so much and that you were worried that she didn’t feel the same way- so you kind of ducked out for a while. Make sure you wait long enough to frustrate and confuse her. Make her MISS your attention, praise and affection. Then you offer her a chance to lock in that affection with a relationship.

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