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Shit I've done via e-mail
by Tironius, created Tuesday, January 23, 2007, with permalink
Ah, the power of e-mail. How many of my fellow pounders are nerdy enough to write an e-letter to something big and have a response or change. I have had some bizarre happenings via e-mail. Typos, podcasts and vasectomies, some weeeeird stuff has gone out of and in to my mailbox. Check it, a list of five things I’ve accomplished via the electronic mail.
  1. Typos typos and more typos: I have been the self-appointed corrector of two major websites, Apple and Daring Fireball (and was attributed on neither for the effort). For Daring Fireball, a popular Apple opinion blog, I informed of a small typographical error in one of his most widely read articles of last year, creating a big brouhaha pertaining to a supposed wifi hack of the Macintosh platform. The next day, the typo was fixed and my ego stroked.
  2. A more embarrassing typo I found was for Apple’s page on the G5, wherein one of their graphics had a misspelling for the word “performance,” if I recall. I’m still waiting for my computer, Apple.
  3. Mentioned in a podcast by name and e-mail read. A very cool podcast to which I listen called 2 Live Fools has made eerily accurate predictions on Apple’s plans. We’re talking crazy good predictions. I complimented this fact, and they read the e-mail.
  4. If you know my real name and search it, you’ll be taken to a press release for male contraception. Interested in never ever having children ever, I e-mailed the head doctor—in India—on information of his promising male contraceptive technique that is like a vasectomy, but completely reversible with a simple injection. Because, whenever I see children, I want to put them in a burlap sack and bash the sack against the hard side of a tree Jason Vorhees style.