The Holy Order Of The Asian Pussy Pounders
A Night with the BG (Regulate)
by Mr. Patch, created Tuesday, January 16, 2007, with permalink

With original Warren G accompaniment

This is the story of the Ganger poking some horny J-School girl in the back of Little Mazon’s Jeep. One thing you never do is leave the Ganger in the back of an empty Jeep with said girl. The following may occur:

It was a clear black night, a clear white moon
BG was on the streets, trying to consume
some skirts for the eve, so I could blow my load
just rollin in my ride, with my homies on the side.

Just hit the east side of the UCO,
on mission trying find little Mazon’s ho.
But little did he know when he left his car,
what Mr. G would do before the night was gone.

So I looks around, to see if it’s clear.
Then I says, “damn girl, it’s gettin hot in here.”
I pull down my draws, unfold my lollypop,
Lean in and whisper, “I’ll tell you when to stop.”

Mr. G left alone in his homie’s ride.
About to nail this little horny bitch’s hide.
He bends the lovely ho back over the seat,
Given ample room to shift and penetrate.

It was feelin so good. I didn’t want to stop.
But my homie gave a ring, as I was bout to pop.
”What the fuck do you want? I’m nailin this ho!”
”I can see that,” he said, “I’m outside the car door.”

Mr. G was caught pumping sweet ass in the ride.
Doing bitches like a star, in the doggy-style.
Little Mazon heard a noise and went to investigate,
But when he arrived to his Jeep it was too damn late.

There you have it. The first little nugget of cum-blowin wisdom.