The Holy Order Of The Asian Pussy Pounders
Wild goose chase
by Tironius, created Sunday, December 03, 2006, with permalink

Had to take a computer out to a lady's car as that is one of the services our store provides. It's a service I'm always willing to perform: I get to stretch the ol' legs and go outside into the sunshine helping some old lady or cripple out with their computer. Fun times.

But this lady, the one in the story I shall tell -- right now -- was a psychobitch deluxe.

Guys, imagine the awkwardness and frustration of going to the spot you swore you parked your car but it wasn't there. Imagine that you knew you parked in the garage on level 3 and you go up and down the stairs more than once looking for the car that is not on level 3.

Now imagine you're the idiot lugging a sixty-pound computer behind her. For forty minutes I was carrying her PowerMac G4 "Quicksilver" behind her while she looked for her car.