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How did this tongue get in my cheek?
by Tironius, created Sunday, December 31, 2006, with permalink

In teaching English to sweet Asians -- who by the way own sweet Asian pussy -- I have many, many times wondered from where the origin of these phrases we speak arrive. As a nerd, myself (and I know Mr. Lexicon [Mr.19] and Grammar Nazi [Q-Pounder] will be interested to some extent), I have even dreamed of making my own database of etymology and literal meanings for people to refer. And, I would have made it, too, if not for my rampant laziness and scabbed-over herpes.

But now, my dreams have been answered. Sample:

“Tongue in cheek”

This phrase clearly alludes to the facial expression created by putting one's tongue in one's cheek. This induces a wink (go on - try it), which has long been an indication that what is being said is to be taken with a pinch of salt. It may have been used to suppress laughter. 'Tongue in cheek' is the antithesis of the later phrase - 'with a straight face'. --The Phrase Finder