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by Tironius, created Thursday, November 09, 2006, with permalink

While at a Muni station, I eye a local celebrity

I had a brush with the political system today as I waited for my K-Line muni at the West Portal station, as I noticed a tall, good looking man exit the outbound "M-Ocean View" train near me. The man was San Francisco mayor Gavin Christopher Newsom -- riding the public transit system?

As he got off the train and on to the platform, we locked eyes as he passed. I gave him an earnest smile and the single head nod that showed respect.

"Hey, how are you doing?" he said to me rhetorically, yet politely, as he walked by. My heart was aflutter.

I know absolutely nothing of local politics, but Newsom on television gives seemingly honest, refreshingly straightforward answers. He gets his hands dirty by talking to the bums in Tenderloin, yet having common sense by not giving them free handouts. If running for president, I'd vote for this guy.

The mayor may soon be indoctrinated into our club.

I unwittingly spy the mayor's foot fashion due to my blundering manipulation of the lense.

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